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Modern life is impossible without travelling. To begin with most of us travel every day to our universities, offices, factories, homes. From time to time we have to go to another city or country on business. So, with modern services you can go around the world.

Millions of people all over the world go abroad to see other countries and continents, modern cities and the ruins of ancient towns. It is always interesting to discover new things, to see different ways of life, exotic places, to meet local cuisine, to try different food, to listen to different music.

You can choose the means of transport you like: plane, train, ship, bicycle or you can travel hiking.

If you want to get somewhere as quickly as possible the fastest way is to travel by plane. It is better to book tickets in advance. When you are on the board of airliner it is possible to see land. It is like a geographical map.

Travelling by train is slower than by plane but it has its advantages. For example, you can always see the countryside around you.

Travelling by sea is the best way for people who are going on holiday and want a pleasant voyage. On board a large cruise ship travelers cross oceans and visit other countries.

Many people prefer travelling by car. This way you can explore the nearby towns and cities. The greatest advantage is that you can stop whenever you like.

Coach tours are not expensive and very popular. They are planned holidays and there is a chance to see a lot of sights and have a good rest at the same time.

All means of travel have their advantages and disadvantages. People choose one according to their plans and destination.

1. Practise saying, translate and learn the vocabulary:

modern lifeon the board of airliner

impossiblegeographical map

to begin with travel by train

from time to timeadvantages

modern servicescountryside

go around the worldtravel by sea

all over the worldthe best way

go abroad pleasant voyage

the ruins of ancient townscruise ship

to discovercross oceans

different ways of lifetravel by car

exotic placesexplore

local cuisinenearby

to try different foodCoach tours

the fastest wayplanned holidays

to travel by planeto see a lot of sights

to book tickets at the same time.

in advancedisadvantages

destinationaccording to

means of travelmeans of transport

hikingship bicycleon business

2. Give the English equivalents for the following words and word combinations: для начала, современная жизнь, время от времени, без путешествий, современные услуги, по всему миру, развалины, во всем мире, древние города, образ жизни, местная кухня, экзотические места, средства передвижения, как можно быстрее, самый быстрый путь, путешествовать самолетом, на борту лайнера, заказать билеты, заранее, земля, преимущества и недостатки, путешествовать поездом, поход, путешествовать по морю, вояж, корабль, пересекать океаны, изучать, путешествовать на машине, окрестности, остановиться когда пожелаешь, автобусный туры, есть шанс увидеть много достопримечательностей, хороший отдых, в то же время, согласно чему-то, планы и направление

3.Answer the questions:


1. Are you fond of travelling?

2.Why do people travel?

3. Why do some people choose planes for travelling?

4. Some people are afraid to fly. Why?

5. Do you like travelling by train? What are its advantages?

6. Would you like to go on a big ocean cruise?

7. Why can it be convenient to travel by car?

8. Have you ever been on a coach tour?

9.If you could spend a hiking holiday wherever you like, what place would you choose?

4.Complete the sentences with the words from the text:

1. Modern life is impossible...........

2. ....... most of us travel every day to our ........... .

3. ........ a large cruise ship travelers cross oceans and ..........

4. It is always interesting .................. new things.

5. ................. are not expensive and very popular.

6. The fastest way is ..........

7. It is better to book tickets .............

8. When you are on the board of airliner it is possible ...............

9. It is like a geographical.............

10. ................ is slower than by plane but it has its advantages.

11. Many people prefer travelling ............

12. This way you ............... the nearby towns and cities.

13. There is a chance to see a lot of .......

14. There is a chance to have a good rest ...............

15. People choose means of travel .............. their plans and ................

5.Match the different types of holiday in the box with the appropriate description below.

a. All-inclusive holiday

b. Package holiday

c. Cruise d. Sightseeing holiday

e. Safari

f. Hiking holiday

g. Camping holiday

1.This is a very popular kind of holiday. Basically, you pay for your flight, hotel and airport transfers before you leave, and then all you need to worry about when you get to your chosen destination are day-to-day expenses.

2.We found an excellent place in the forest and started to set up our tent. Unfortunately, we discovered that we had left the legs at home!

3. In the evening we came to a watering hole where the animals gathered to drink. The guide told us to stay in the jeep for our own safety, and also to prevent us frightening off the animals.

4. Everybody took off their boots before going inside. Of course, after a long day walking over muddy fields in the country.

5.We put on some warm clothes and a lifejacket and got onto the yacht. Unfortunately, we didn't get any further than the harbour as there was no wind!

6.We paid ?850 for the holiday. That price included flights, transfers, hotel at a resort, entertainment and all our food and drinks.

7.We spent a week in London and tried to see as much of it as possible; Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, you name it, we saw it. I must have taken hundreds of pictures.

6. Cross out the word that does not fit:

Hotel facilities: tennis court, swimming pool, laundry service, snack bar, suit-case

Weather: warm, hot, wet, rainy, boring

Things to: toothpaste, scissors, credit card, maps, car

Person: upset, disappointed, fed up, pleased, angry

Means of transport: train, plane, car, helicopter, taxi, apartment, bus, route taxi,yacht

Sceners: spectacular, beautiful, various, unforgettable, kindly

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