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In 2014 I finished school. I studied at TSPI. I have a master's degree in applied computer science. During the training he was carried away by genetic algorithms and neural networks. I believe that neural networks are a promising direction, because behind the artificial intellect the future

High School in Russia

The academic year usually lasts 9 months and is divided into two terms (semesters). The first- and second-year students obtain thorough instructions in the fundamental sciences of mathematics, physics, chemistry and drawing as well as computer engineering and a number of others. The curricula are enriched and broadened6 by instructions in such subjects as foreign languages, history and economics.At the third year students get more advanced knowledge and begin to concentrate on their special interests, so to say, their "major" subject and take many courses in this subject. Specialized study and courses will help students to become specialists and prepare them for their future work.

After four years students will get a bachelors degree. Then the students may go on with their studies and in a year or two of further study and research get a masters degree. After graduating from the university they may go on with their study and research and may get a still higher degree.About 75 percent of students receive state grants and 15 percent are sponsored by enterprises. Universities have their own students hostels and some of them have large and excellent sport centers.Education is a process through which culture is preserved, knowledge and skills are developed, values are formed, and information is exchanged.Education is the way to success.

High School in England

Higher Education in Great Britain consists of several steps. After finishing school you can enter some colleges where you will get some manual skills, and also learn t typing, engineering, cooking, hair-dressing and so on. In case you want to go to the university, you need to get the A-level or Foundation examination. A-level is a program where you are supposed to study 5-6 subjects that you will study at university then. It lasts for two years.

The first step is the Degree of Bachelor. It takes you 3 years to get it. And if you are going to be a doctor, then it will take several years more. Then if you want you can take a Master's Degree Course. Here you deepen your knowledge from the Bachelor Degree. And in case you want to get more - you can go to the Doctor's Degree. It is the most complicated part. Here you need to conduct a deep research of the topic. Usually it takes 3-4 years to finish it. So, that is how the British Higher Education system works

Computer scince

Computer science, or computing science, is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and their implementation and application in computer systems. Computer science has many sub-fields; some emphasize the computation of specific results (such as computer graphics), while others (such as computational complexity theory) relate to properties of computational problems. Still others focus on the challenges in implementing computations. For example, programming language theory studies approaches to describing computations, while computer programming applies specific programming languages to solve specific computational problems.

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