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1. look up to sb to admire and respect someone He'd always looked up to his uncle. 2. look sb up to visit someone you have not seen for a long time when you are visiting the place where they live Look me up next time you're in Los Angeles. 3. look sth up to try to find a piece of information by looking in a book or on a computer If you don't know what the word means, look it up in a dictionary. 4. look up to become better I hope things will start to look up in the new year. 5. look to sb for sth to hope that someone will provide something for you They looked to the government for additional support. 6. look to sb to do sth to hope that someone will do something for you We're looking to you to advise us on how to proceed. 7. look through sth to read something quickly I've looked through some catalogues. 8. look round (somewhere/sth) look around (somewhere/sth) We arrived late, and didn't have much time to look round before dinner. 9. look over sth to quickly examine something I had a few minutes before the meeting to look over what he'd written. 10. look out for sb/sth to try to notice someone or something Look out for Anna while you're there. 11. look sth out to search for and find something I'll look out that recipe I told you about and send it to you. 12. look out to watch what is happening and be careful The police have warned shopkeepers to look out for forged notes. 13. look on/upon sb/sth as sth to consider or think of someone or something as something We looked on her as a daughter. 14. look on to watch something happen but not become involved in it A large crowd looked on as the band played. 15. look into sth to examine the facts about a problem or situation We're looking into the possibility of merging the two departments. 16. look in (on) to visit a person for a short time, usually when you are on your way somewhere else I thought I might look in on Bob on my way to the shops. 17. look forward to sth to feel pleased and excited about something that is going to happen I'm really looking forward to my holiday. 18. look down on sb

also look down your nose at sb to think that you are better than someone She thinks they look down on her because she doesn't have a job. 19. look back to think about something that happened in the past When I look back I can see where we went wrong. 20. look at sth to think about a subject carefully so that you can make a decision about it Management is looking at ways of cutting costs. 21. look around/round

to visit a place and look at the things in it When we went to Boston, we only had a couple of hours to look around. 22. Look away to turn one's gaze away from someone/smth In embarrassment, she looked away. 23. look ahead to think about what will happen in the future and plan for these events I'm trying not to look ahead to what will happen when he dies. 24. look after sb/sth to take care of or be in charge of someone or something We look after the neighbours' cat while they're away.

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