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Hi Kamila! What's up?

Ooh it's such a great thing when you celebrate holidays like birthday with a big family. But...

You know, I see my mum once in a blue moon and we just can't spend much time together. It really does upset me... Lucky you, Kamila! You see your mum every day. She is a great woman, isn't she?

Maybe she is very lucky. Not everybody can tell that they have such a great relationships with the family members. But there are some disadvantages in family life too by the way. Don't you think so?

If you are single you are less likely to be disappointed. You take the responsibility only after yourself. You can do whatever you want. Am I wrong?

Maybe you're right but my mum was married once and her marriage wasn't happy at all. Thins can be very hard to explain. I mean that every medal has its reverse. And this reverse is not always good...

Well... uhhh... let's look at the researches about family life. Every third union breaks up. People divorce and their children suffer after that. They feel unhappy.

But due to the survey there is some evidence of a growing up number of stable non- married relationships. You don't need to be married to be happy.

Okay. There is no use in arguing about this. We all have our opinions and it's normal. Let's forget it, what do you think?

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