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Выполнение и оформление контрольных заданий

Контрольные работы включают в себя устные сообщения на определенные темы, задания по грамматике и задания по работе с текстами.

По устным темам необходимо подготовить пересказ. Задания по грамматике, перевод текста и задание к тексту выполняются письменно в отдельной тетради, аккуратно, четким почерком. При этом следует оставлять в тетради поля для замечаний, объяснений и методических указаний рецензента. Выполненное задание направляется для проверки в вуз в установленные сроки или сдается студентом лично в деканат.

Проверка письменно выполненного задания проводится преподавателем, который в зависимости от степени усвоения материала студентом делает заключение: "Допущен к собеседованию" или "На доработку".

Контрольная работа № 2 включает в себя:

1. Разговорная практика. Устные сообщения и беседа по темам "Our Institute" и " The Russian Federation".

2. Грамматика: Числительные. Предлоги. Степени сравнения прилагательных и наречий. Временные формы глаголов группы Simple (Indefinite), Continuous, Perfect в страдательном залоге. Модальные глаголы и их эквиваленты.

3. Работа с текстом. Чтение и перевод текста страноведческого содержания. Выполнение заданий к тексту.

Контрольная работа № 2

I. Устные сообщения и беседа по темам. Это задание является общим для всех вариантов контрольной работы

Тема 1: Our Institute

Задание 1. Запомните следующие слова и словосочетания:

to establish - основывать

agricultural engineering -сельхозмашиностроение

welding - сварка

enterprise - предприятие

to provide - обеспечивать, оснащать

up-to-date equipment - современное оборудование

facilities - оборудование, аппаратура, приспособления

graduation paper - дипломная работа

to deal with smth - касаться, иметь дело (с чем-л.)

to graduate - заканчивать вуз

Задание 2. Прочитайте и переведите текст устно. Подготовьтесь к пересказу текста на английском языке.

Power Engineering and Machine-building Institute was established in 1960 as a higher technical school at Rostselmash Works. Now it is a department of Don State Technical University. At present our Institute comprises 4 faculties. The number of students is over 2000.

Specialists' training is carried on many different specializations: Agricultural Engineering, Robotic Systems and Units, Information Systems, Machinery and Technology of Welding, Economics and Management at Industrial Enterprises are among them. There are full-time and correspondence forms of education.

The Institute course involves 5 years and leads to the engineer's or economist's diploma. At the early stages the students take fundamental courses in higher mathematics, physics, foreign languages, history and other subjects. Senior students take their major courses in special disciplines.

The academic year consists of 2 terms. At the end of each term the students take credit tests and examinations. Vacations are in winter and in summer.

There are many laboratories and computer facilities at the Institute. The laboratories are provided with up-to-date equipment. The students make necessary calculations and experiments and many undergraduates do research there.

Graduation papers of the students deal with the results of their research and practical training at industrial and administrative enterprises. After graduating from the Institute young specialists can work in various spheres of the national economy.

Тема 2: The Russian Federation

Задание 1. Запомните следующие слова и словосочетания:

is situated - расположена

to border on - граничить с

variety - разнообразие

climate conditions - климатические условия

different - различный

ferrous (non-ferrous) metals - черные (цветные) металлы

branch - отрасль, ветвь

mining - горнодобывающая

food processing - переработка продуктов питания

government - правительство

legislative - законодательная

executive - исполнительная

judicial - судебная

Задание 2. Прочитайте и переведите текст устно. Подготовьтесь к пересказу текста на английском языке.

The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world. The country is situated in Eastern Europe, Northern and Central Asia. Its total territory is over 17 mln square km. Our land is washed by 12 seas which are the seas of three oceans: the Arctic, the Atlantic and the Pacific. Russia borders on 14 countries, it also has a sea-border with the USA.

Our country has a great variety of flora and fauna. The highest mountains in our land are the Altai, the Urals and the Caucasus. There are over 2 thousand rivers in Russia. The longest are the Volga, the Yenisei, the Don, the Lena and others.

On the Russian territory there are 11 time zones. The climate conditions are different. Our country is rich in natural resources: oil, natural gas, coal, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and other minerals. Russia is a developed industrial and agricultural country. The main branches of industry are machine-building, chemical, mining, food processing and some others.

The Russian Federation is a multinational state. The population of the country is about 140 mln people. Moscow is the capital of our Motherland. It is the largest political, scientific, cultural and industrial center and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Russian Federation is a constitutional state headed by the President. The country government consists of 3 branches: legislative, executive and judicial.

II. Контрольные задания по грамматике Вариант 4

1.Определите вид числительных:

1) forty five; 2) the first; 3) the seventieth; 4) thirteen; a) количеств.

5) a hundred and one; 6) the sixty eighth 7) the second; b) порядков.

8) a billion

2. Заполните пропуски соответствующими предлогами:

2.1 The students ... our Institute will be engineers or economists. a) to

2.2 We shall visit her ... Sunday. b) from c) of

2.3 Our parents live rather far ... Moscow. d) by

2.4 I met my friend ... 5 o'clock yesterday. e) on

2.5 Usually she goes ... the University ... bus. f) at

3. Употребите соответствующую степень прилагательного/наречия:

3.1 This machine-tool is (new) in our shop. a) -er

3.2 Now I can speak English (well) than last year. b) the -est

3.3 This park is one of the (beautiful) parks in our city. c) less

3.4 My brother gets up (early) than me. d) better

3.5 He is (good) sportsman in our team. e) the most

3.6 Our task is (difficult) than theirs. f) the best

4. Выберите правильный вариант перевода:

4.1 The nearer autumn is, the colder days are.

a) Ранней осенью дни становятся холоднее.

b) Чем ближе осень, тем холоднее дни.

4.2 The Volga is not so long as the Yenisei.

a) Волга не длинней Енисея.

b) Волга не такая длинная, как Енисей.

4.3 Text 5 is as difficult as text 3.

a) Текст 5 не сложнее, чем текст 3.

b) Текст 5 такой же сложный, как текст 3.

5. Укажите залог сказуемого:

5.1 He speaks many foreign languages.

5.2 English is spoken by millions of people. a) Active Voice

5.3 Many special subjects are taught at the Institute. b) Passive Voice

5.4 When we came he was reading a book.

6. Выберите правильный вариант перевода сказуемого:

6.1 As a rule students are provided with the textbooks. a) обеспечены

6.2 Students have been provided with the textbooks b) обеспечиваются

this month. с) будете обеспечены

6.3 Our library provides the students with the books. d) обеспечивались

6.4 You will have been provided with the textbooks e) обеспечивает

by next week.

6.5 The new materials were being provided during

all the morning yesterday.

7. Определите временную форму сказуемого в Passive Voice:

7.1 Many houses were built in Rostov in 1960s. a) Present Simple

7.2 The machine is made in Italy. b) Past Simple

7.3 The students are taught special subjects. c) Future Simple

7.4 My course paper will have been written d) Present Contin.

by the end of the term. e) Past Contin.

7.5 This new building has been constructed recently. f) Future Contin.

7.6 The lecture on mathematics was being delivered g) Present Perfect

at 2 o'clock yesterday. h) Past Perfect

7.7 New information was received by electronic mail. i) Future Perfect

7.8 I think we shall be invited to the party.

8. Заполните пропуски соответствующими модальными глаголами или их эквивалентами:

8.1 Every student ... attend lectures. a) can

8.2 ... I ask a question? b) should

8.3 My brother ... play guitar well. c) must

8.4 ... you tell me the time, please? d) had to

8.5 You look not well, you ... consult a doctor. e) would

8.6 I didn't want to get up early yesterday but I ... do it. f) were to

8.7 We ... meet at 8 o'clock yesterday. g) may

III. Текст и задания к нему

Задание 1. Переведите текст в письменном виде.

Twin City Movement

The movement came into being at the end of 1942 when the residents and defenders of Stalingrad (now Volgograd) received a telegram from the authorities of Coventry, an English city badly damaged by the Nazi Air Forces. In their telegram people of Coventry expressed their admiration for our soldiers' courage and proposed their friendship.

Nowadays there are more than 1 000 twin cities in Europe and Asia, Africa, North and South America. In April 1957 the representatives of twinned cities founded the World United Towns Federation and decided to celebrate the last Sunday of April as the World Day of Twin Cities.

The Federation calls for peace consolidation, peaceful coexistence and fraternal mutual assistance. It helps to expand exchanges in cultural, educational, informational and economic spheres (fields) as well as in trade, sports and tourism. The WUTF also sponsors various congresses and conferences of Twin cities, organizes youth rallies. The Federation activities are directed by its Executive Council located in Paris, France.

Twinned cities maintain broad international links (ties) promoting friendly relations, cooperation and mutual assistance between various nations, their better understanding, ensuring peace and progress on the Earth.

At present more than 200 cities and towns of our state have united cities in different parts of the Globe. Rostov-on-Don is a member of the WUTF too. It has 8 twin cities in various countries: Glasgow _ in Great Britain, Le Mann _ in France, Pleven _ in Bulgaria, Mobile _ in the United States of America, Dortmund and Gera _ in Germany, Volos _ in Greece and Kayani _ in Finland. The representatives of twin cities like visiting Rostov-on-Don. They appreciate Rostovites as loyal friends and reliable partners.

Задание 2. Найдите в тексте и выпишите английские эквиваленты следующих речевых отрезков.

1) выражали восхищение; 2) жители и защитники; 3) движение появилось; 4) представители породненных городов; 5) призывать к мирному сосуществованию; 6) расширять обмен; 7) братская взаимопомощь; 8) исполнительный совет; 9) решили праздновать; 10) сильно разрушен; 11) поддерживать широкие связи; 12) деятельность федерации; 13) съезды

молодежи 14) обеспечивать; 15) дружеские отношения; 16) надежные партнеры; 17) верные друзья; 18) мир и прогресс на Земле.

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