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Date2nd October Tomembers of the Board of Directors

FromMrs. Fremlin, member of the Board of Directors

SubjectSituation with Gumpi

As you know in two days' we are going to have a Board meeting. I think that we should put the "Gumpi business" as an emergency item on our agenda.

There are several reasons for that:

The first reason is that since late March we have shipped to Germany books for ?135,000 worth and have only received a token payment of ?5,000 from Gumpi. Taking into considering the fact that on 25 August we received a letter from them asking for another six weeks in which to pay (although the first quarterly statement should have been settled by Gumpi at the end of July), I think that Gumpi is facing some financial problems and we may make a loss from that.

The second reason is disturbing rumours that American's employers in the US were not doing well and there were lawsuits in progress against their subsidiaries. And this has only confirmed our concerns.

And the third one is that yesterday morning we received a brief note from the American informing us that he has been recalled to the States. He also informed that his colleague would take over and contact us in due course. That was the last straw. And I decided to ask to put this business as an emergency item on our agenda.

Now we have four options how to tackle this problem:

* To play everything by ear. To go to the States and to discuss the situation with the American personally.

* To recall all our stocks and stop doing business with Gumpi.

* To put our one of our own people over there straight away - on a permanent basis.

* To cut loose from Gumpi with the minimum of fuss, and to resume negotiations with van Brasil.

The last option is the best to my mind as the current situation offers very little comfort. If we are able to make a deal with van Brasil in a short period of time we might have a chance to sell the consignment that was aimed for Gumpi.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Mrs. Fremlin

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