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Date8th November

ToManaging Director

FromNikita Ushkalov, Personnel Manager

SubjectCandidate for the post of Far East Regional Manager

As you know we are planning to penetrate the Singapore market and diversify into giftware, travel goods and clothing and may set up subsidiary sale company. (Also we wish to increase sales through existing channels and develop integrated marketing strategy in the Far East) To achieve the best results we need to find an energetic, well-connected and independent person to become our new Regional Manager.

Marketing Personnel Services received a lot of applications as a response to our advertisement and shortlisted four candidates. I have read all the four applications and singled out one, the most suitable candidate to my mind.

His name is Paolo J. - M. RIZAL. He is 38 years old and his age is the most suitable as he is mature enough to have all the necessary experience and he is not too young to make hasty decisions. He is married, with 5 children and he is Singaporean, which is also important for us.

His education and his qualifications are quite relevant. Although he dropped university later he obtained a Diploma in Marketing and finished 1-year course at a well-known business college. I do not think that it will be a really big disadvantage. But his language skills are really impressive and all languages he knows are very relevant considering that he will operate on the Far East. He speaks fluent Spanish and Tagalog, knows English well he can also speak and write in Cantonese and in addition to that he knows some Japanese.

Since 2005 he has worked as a sales representative covering Singapore and Malaysia, selling to the wholesale and retail shoe outlets. To my mind this business is quite similar to ours and there will not be a problem for him to get used to his new job.

As to his personal qualities I think he has everything we need for this post. He is self-assured, friendly, relaxed; talked sensibly about the Far East market potential. He looks simple, elegant and fashionable. Exactly what we need.

And some further information about him. He appears to enjoy being thought a bit of a character and he is full of ideas. Also his brother in Hong Kong owns a chain of general stores: dress materials, clothing, giftware etc. So he will be able to borrow some of his experience to arrange our diversification.

To conclude I can say that this candidate is worth hiring because he is the right person for the post of Far East Regional Manager

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Nikita Ushkalov

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