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Date11th October

ToDudley Morris, Chief Purchasing Officer

FromNikita Ushkalov, member of a Joint Staff/Student Planning Committee

SubjectChairs for the students' common room

As you know several weeks ago I was invited to the Moscow State University to deliver some lectures. That is why I will not be able to attend the meeting at which we should make a decision concerning the chairs for the students' common room. I am very sorry about that.

Here I will explain which type of chairs is the best option to my mind.

So we have four options:

* Club chairs

* Semi-reclining chairs

* Folding chairs

* Easy chairs Club chairs is not the best option for us as they are too expensive (they cost ?5,400 without delivery and we have ?6,000) for us with our reduced expenditure. And also they have not got enough sitting places (only 80 sitting places and we need 100) as their quantity is limited and they are offered on condition "all or nothing".

Semi-reclining chairs are not suitable for us either because they have a very long time of delivery (from 4 to 6 weeks). So these chairs may not be delivered by the opening ceremony and this will be a catastrophe.

Folding chairs could be suitable for us as they are reasonably priced, have no limitation in quantity and have three colors to choose from. But they (as the manufacturer claims) dig into carpets (as you know we have bought new carpets for our common room) and their durability leaves much to be desired (one or two years with luck but I do not think there will be a lot of luck with our students).

I think the last option is the best one. Easy chairs are a part of cancelled export order for an airport lounge in Indonesia. They are comfortable and ideal for relaxing and that is exactly what we heed. Their durability with normal student use will possibly be three or more years and that is not bad at all. They are sold in one lot of 120 chairs that is also an advantage I think (as we can leave 20 chairs for the replacement if some are broken). The only one disadvantage is that they have Indonesian Airlines emblem on them. But the letter "A" could also mean Art faculty or we can use covers. We will have some money left as well.

To conclude I can say that the fourth option will be the prime to my mind. As it meets all our requirements.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Nikita Ushkalov

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