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1)star sign

You are very sensitive and easily hurt.if smone says an unkind word to u, u take it to heart, but u r also very forgiving. Ur family is very important. U r sincere , but take things 2 seriously. Loyal friend,good memory,moody. Have a memory like a sieve, on the spur of the moment, keep yourself to yourself,speak ur mind,vicesersa,laid-back.

2)stereotyping people.стереотипы гб

I strongly believe that stereotyping is wrong and hurtful. People shouldn`t judge others and a slap a label on somebody, just because of how they look or presents themselves overall to us. Sometimes by stereotyping someone you are not even giving a chance to them to express who they are. Everyone is unique in their own way, when you give a stereotype to a group of people you just stuff them into boxes they may not even belong to and put a label making them similar. It is foolish and stupid! This doesn't let people express themselves causing them to believe they have to fit this stereotype whether it is true or false to who they really are. It is definitely wrong, because it is offensive and harmful!

However, in Britain it`s common to categorize people in lots of different ways. People may be pigeonholed depending on the newspaper they read, the city they grew up in, what social class they are, what kind of lifestyle they lead, how they dress, their age and so on.

Buzzwords come and buzzwords go. In 1980s Britain were yuppies - young urban professionals - they lived on their converted warehouses, driving BMWs, drinking in expensive wine bars and making loads of money. Following hot on their heels were the Buppies - black urban professionals. Then came the lad and the ladette - binge-drinking, chain-smoking and swearing their way through the 90s.

A few years later David Beckham introduced metrosexual- fashion-conscious straight men in touch with their feminine sides and very keen on shopping and hair beauty products.

Typical Guardian readers are middle-aged and university-educated, like to think of themselves as open-minded, but others think they`re simply smug and self-satisfied. By and large, they are anti-war, anti-hunting and anti-Daily mail.

Typical daily mail readers always seem to be whingeing about one thing or another , something like ~my husband left for another woman~.

Scousers are people from Liverpool, a working-class city, people have developed a reputation for being survivors. They are believed to be natural comedians who are very proud of their city and their football clubs, and very community-minded.

Sloanes are from an incredibly posh area, they come from very privileged backgrounds and spend half of their life going to lavish parties , they have extravagant taste and seem utterly uninterested in anything outside if their narrow little world, they are not exactly being Einsteins.

Dinkie couples - choose not have kinds and to pursue their careers and enjoy the wealth it brings instead. The holiday twice a year and 2 decent cars. They are selfish, self-centred and contributing to the downfall of society.

3)problems at work

Demeaning,tedious,dogsbode,get smb dows,harassment, feel knackered,unfair dismissal.put in extra hours.have a lot on ones plate, rea slave-driver,finding ones feet,throw smb in at the deep end,totally out of ones depth,not be pulling one weight,rock the boat,show smb the ropes,sweat blood for smb

4)give up career.hoeseholder.

Why can people give up their career? May be because thy want to reclaim their lives. U know. Nowadays people often try to pursue their careers, instead og tieing the knote.family,raising a happy child. Text example.

5)the best|worst place ever been

Best.venice.tastes differ.smb see there just bland and suburban city, with bad smell of canalization, total let down, for me it lived up to the hype.compact city, everything is steeped in history.as for me. Its perfect for getting away.the downtown is perfect for tourists,lots of small street ventures, narrow beautiful streets, famous channels and bridges.but when u go to the remote part of the city, u see deprived areas, shanty town, smt no-go areas.

Worst. Ramshackle.in the neighborhood with a no-go and deprived area.

6)закон lawyers are money-grabbing.we are calling them with our divorce cases, custody battles, paternity suitsexplore legal loopholes, think uo clever plea bargains.


Plastic surgery is becoming more affordable these days and more and more people choose this easy way to achieve their perfect look. And though it is becoming more socially acceptable, the issue of plastic surgery remains rather controversial. If you are planning to make an operation, you shouldn't do it on the spur of the moment. I advise you look at the pros and cons.

Well, we need to admit the fact that plastic surgery is one of the ways to achieve your perfect look. It does help till you know when and where to stop. Then, improving your appearance increases your self-esteem and gives you confidence. Confident people come up in the world more often, they find it easy to communicate with people and to move up the career ladder. Moreover reconstructive surgery, one of the types of plastic surgery, helps people who were injured in an accident to get back to normal life. And finally, we shouldn't look down on those who underwent plastic surgery simply because we never know for sure what we would do if we were in their shoes.

Those who are against plastic surgery have many really good arguments you should also take into account. Plastic surgery has been a boom industry for many years, but isn't it successful because it's addictive? People put themselves under the surgeon's knife in the pursuit of some stereotyped pigeonholed look. They take a lot of risk because that is what every operation concerns. In addition, you get no guarantees that the surgeon won't botch it up and leave your body scarred. Moreover I am sure that no operation can give naturally beautiful look and it is a strong argument. Are these risks worth the result which is still not good enough? Well, and also I would like to remind you that in many cases your intention to undergo plastic surgery shows a weak-willed desire to conform to an unobtainable ideal. This is the result of the stereotyping society that introduces unreal beauty standards and makes women go crazy.

After you think it all over again and weigh all advantages and disadvantages, you are ready to make the only right and sensible decision. Good luck!

8)electoral system

Many people think that UK election system is in need of reform. The government can decide to hold a general election anytime within 5 years.

-For the election country is divided into 646 constituencies

-MP represent each constituency and people vote for them

-The party with majority MP's forms government

-if no party wins the overall majority, there is hung parliement and the biggest parties form a coalition. But they are rare in the UK 'cause if the first-past-the-post-system. Some suggests that people should have a more direct relationships with MPs. They hold surgeries each month.

However some think that UK should adopt a system of proportional representation

Ex: In the UK 3 Major Parties

Labour: L-wing party->centre

Lib-Dems: traditionally in the centre-->left

Tories: Centre right-opposition

9) The problem of voter apathy. Ways to increase voter turnout.

The problem of voter apathy is one of the problems which are widely spread among many countries. People seem to be completely disillusioned with politicians and few bother to come to the polls to vote when the time comes. Politicians stop trying to appeal to the electors and fewer people cast their votes. The result is that the voter turnout is so low that we cannot call the elections fair. To make the democracy work governments need to solve the problem of voter apathy. Here are some ways to do this.

1. To make politicians more honest. The all try to stick to the party program and sound like a well-rehearsed script. Let them be more direct and open and less shifty, make them make brave decisions instead of tailoring their policies to fit public opinion, and people will want to vote for them.

2. To lower voting age. In many countries you can have a baby, get married, join the army and die for your country, but you cannot vote for a party which is against war or abortion because you are under voting age. This should be changed. Moreover. There is an opinion, that if the young are allowed to vote, more middle-aged people will want to show their political views at the election as it turns into a kind of a competition between the young and the old.

3. To pay more attention to civic responsibilities at school. We should make pupils appreciate the chance to vote so that they could bring the feeling to the time when they are adults. Organizing some mock elections and special courses in history (e g about struggles women faced to get the voice) can serve the purpose.

4. To encourage more participation in grassroots democracy. In many countries democratic process stops right after elections for the next 5 years. Holding regular referendums on issues of national importance could be on way to increase interest. Some cities in South America even have special public budgets that can be spent according to the votes of the citizens.

5. To make it easier to vote. I know many examples when a person doesn't o to the elections simply because he has to travel to some place and it takes too much time. E-voting and SMS-voting would be a great solution in our century of IT.

6. To accept proportional representation. The first-past-the-post system is unfair in many aspects. The system where the party which gets the most seats wins cannot work properly due to the low voter turnout. The system of proportional representation, when parties are given seats according to the percentage of votes they earned on the elections seems to be more effective.

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