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Who are happier adults or children?

There is several questions, which excite everyone. Who are happier children or adults, is one of them.

As for me I think, that you`ll never answer this question, because if you are child you are dreaming about being adult. And on the contrary.

But if you think carefully you`ll understand that childhood is not the best time of your life. And I can prove it.

Firstly parents rarely ask their children for opinion. If the children have it, nobody seems to notice it. Also children depend on their parents. Parents choose their clothes, books and even friends for them. But adults are free to choose where and how to live, what to spend money on; nobody tells them what to do any more.

Parents usually manipulate their children. They force children to do washing up, cleaning and others things.

School years are usually nightmarish for children. Children live in constant fear of exams and bad marks as they are supposed to do well at school.

Adolescence also is the most painful part of your life:

Teenagers rebel violently against parents authority and are hostile to parents.

Children`s nerves are hand over.

Teenagers lack self-confidence, they are over-conscious of their appearance and the impression they make on the others.

And finally sometimes teenagers experience depression and despair, their mood come changes quickly.

But there are some arguments for being a child.

Firstly childhood is carefree and happy. You can do smth naughty and nobody won`t consider about you smth awful, because you are child.

Secondly children look at the world with fresh eyes. They experience everything at first time, and it is really fantastic. Everything is new and unspoiled for them, while adults are tired and worried.

And finally children normally are not exposed to social and economic preasure.


My family is big enough. There are mother, father, grandfather and 4 year old sister. We are quite close, but sometimes like all families we can fall out. As for me I think I get on with my parents very well, really. Although we don`t always see eye to eye on some things, like boyfriends, staying out late or going out too often and housework - they don`t always approve of my actions, on the whole they are very understanding and wise. If I had problems in my life, I always can confide in them, because they are fair and helpful. If I was ever in trouble I know I could rely on them, because they are considerate and caring.

But sometimes they can be really strict and offensive. My stepfather is quite strict about everything being right and be really obedient. He`s always telling me to tidy up our flat and wash up dishes for example. So I usually can`t get out of my doing it, but sometimes I manage to get round them.

I don`t know who I take after at all, it is really difficult to say. My parents are also very pantient and put up with many things I do. I like to have my own way a lot of time, so they are forced to take my side because I can be unruly, but i`m not spoilt. We used to have a lot of problems and we often were at odds. My parents disappointed of my losing temper and rebellious character. It was because I went through a stage. When I came of age, I became really understanding and i`m trying not to let them down. And now when I look back on my behavior, I feel ashamed. To sum it up I look up to my parents and love them very much, so I try not to disappoint them at all.

House of my dream.

So now I live in a two-roomed apartment in the center of the city. Bu all people dream about their own house with all conditions, so do i.

The house of my dream must be a comfortable well-planned two-storied cottage. Not so large of course it should be situated in a quite ecologically clean place or street. In front of the house I want a green lawn, flowers and beautiful hedge.

There must be a large kitchen, a panty, a dinning- room, a cosy sittings room with a fireplace and big windows on the ground floors.

There should be bedrooms with the own separated bathrooms on the second floor. There must be a cellar and a balconies in the bedrooms. Also I want to have a mordern and quite new furniture for example built in cupboards.

There should be a lot of trees, a pond or a fountain.

It is necessary if my house will be strong and well-defended with a beautiful fence and central hitting.

I would like to have all modern appliances: washing machine, dish washer, cooker with the oven and the fan hood, the fridge and other. I`d like if the house will be conveniently situated close to the shops.

I would like to have a fantastic interior design and great hall.

It`ll be really fascinating if I become an owner. It`ll be my own country house.

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