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Choosing a career.

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions you make in your life. The profession a person chooses in many ways determines his future. If you manage to find the right career you will be happy and successful.

Some people try to procrastinate taking a decision and to postpone taking the first step. The majority of us don't get around to making a decision about an occupation or career until somebody forces us to face the problem. And it's usually our parents and relatives who come to help us in making this difficult choice. Of course, it's good to talk to people of different professions to find out where your interests lie. But the problem is that many students simply follow blindly in the footsteps of their parents. Those, who do it, often make costly mistakes. It will be much better if you find all the information you need by yourself, reading special journals and talking to people of different occupations. Nowadays it's easy to evaluate yourself by doing aptitude tests. Having thought carefully what sort of person you are. Also, it is very important such factors as: job setting, job rewards, good conditions, perks, traveling, promotion prospects.

Many people believe that money is a determining factor in making the choice. Everyone wants to have a lucrative and perspective job. And these people are ready for everything: working extra hours, spending a great amount of time on business trips.

But some people believe that job satisfaction is the most significant factor. It's wonderful when one's hobby becomes one's profession, it seldom happens in reality. Still, you can enjoy different things: relations with colleagues, variety of tasks, work responsibilities Some people prefer to have a challenging and demanding job as it gives a satisfying feeling of achievement, for others it is just a source of stress.

As for me, I made up my mind o become an economist. It was a well thought-out decision.

Before taking this decision I weighed all the pros and cons of the job. The job of an economist based on the application of economic theory and knowledge. Economists do this by studying data and statistics and using their understanding of economic relationships to spot trends, carrying out considerable amounts of research. Then they analyse this data and make recommendations of ways to improve efficiency and take advantage of future activities.

For some people the job of an economist may seem to be tedious and monotonous. This job is really challenging and meticulous but it can hardly be called routine. The job of an economist is really demanding and not everybody can become an economist and succeed in doing this job. To become a successful economist you need to have considerable qualification, knowledge of economic theory, good understanding of economic relationships. Also you need to have a special turn of mind and special features of character, such as attentiveness, diligence, you should be computer-literate as you'll have to study statistics and make different operations. Besides, you should be farsighted I think I have all the necessary characteristics, and I'll try to do my best to become a qualified economist.

My grandmother.

My grandma is very important person in my life and i`ve never imagined life without her support, love and care. She totally grew me up, as my mom was always at work, and helped me to see the world not only in black and white.

So, my granny is in her middle 70-s but she looks much younger. She has a plump figure and small height, it`s really funny when, for example, I wear my heels and come up to kiss. Grandma has got olive complexion, oval face , wonderful almond-shaped hazel eyes, small straight nose and big smile, especially, this feature makes her more attractive and kinder. Also, she has fine wrinkles around her eyes which appear when she smiles. Now she is wearing red dyed hear in a bun and now she wants me but when she was young she wore her long, black hair and it was pretty beautiful.

As for her character, she`s very lively personality with strong sense of humour and she`s been so sensitive lately so she`s got hurt very easily. My granny is down-to-earth, dependable and so caring person that she`s always ready to stand up for people even if she doesn`t know them. She always tells me that I shouldn`t judge someone by their appearance and that appearances are deceptive and I agree with her. My granny is also loyal friend and she takes everything to heart, she has a shoulder to cry on and when I have some problems with my study, private life or something else, I can come to her and she always helps me, listened to me and gives me a useful peace of advice. My grandma never makes snap decisions about people as she says almost everyone can make a mistake.

By the way, she`s fond of reading interesting books and she cooks like king of cooking and always tries something new, because of her I love cooking too. To sum up, I`d like to say that my granny is fabulous and kindest person I`ve ever met. She has a heart of gold and makes my live happier.


There are a lot of kinds of horoscopes which can tell you everything about the character of people.

My star sign is aquarius. I was born on the 23th of January. Most of the horoscopes say that aquarius are very practical, level-headed and realistic about what is important in life. They have their feet firmly on the ground and they`re fond of thinking up new ideas but sometimes they can have a memory like a sieve. Also, aquarius are intelligent and they like change. Moreover, they often wear outrageous clothes that make them stand out in a crowd. I`ve read in many horoscopes that people under this star can be artists and painters.

On my opinion, something true in this description and something is not. I can say about myself that i`m realistic, down-to-earth person, but sometimes I have my head in the clouds, , I can sit and just dream about my feature and , of course, about prince on a white horse who I meet one day. I like to help people, my friends or relatives, if they have some tough periods in their lives I`m a shoulder to cry on. I can easily put myself in other people`s shoes and I really love it. However, as I always like saying "every bean has its black", I am totally forgetful and it`s about me when people say that someone has memory like a sieve. But I try to cope with that and I write down a lot of important things in my notebook. Moreover, I absolutely disagree with that aquarius loves outrageous clothes and they fond of being in the public eye. As for me, I like comfortable and nice clothes and I never wear heels if they are not practical.

To sum up, I`d like to say that so many minds so many people and some predictions can be true and some not. People are not cardboard characters and even superb horoscope can not tell everything about them.

Air pollution, the depletion of the ozone layer, greenhouse effect and global warming.

We live in a very beautiful planet - on the Earth. Our planet has very rich resources. There are rivers, forests, lakes, seas.

Unfortunately, nowadays there are many problems connected with the environment.

Now, I want to tell you about air-related environmental problems. Humans have been producing increasing amounts of pollution and now they account for the majority of pollutants released into the air. Cities are congested with traffic, which leads to poor air quality. The effects of air pollution are diverse and numerous. Harmful gases worsen the quality of air we breathe and change its chemical composition, increasing the amount carbon dioxide. Air pollution can have serious consequences for the health of human lings. It leads to breathing problems and can develop allergies. Air pollution also affects natural ecosystems, leads to greenhouse effect, global warming and climate change. Burning fossil fuels for energy production and transport, cutting down the forests increase the greenhouse effect. As a result the global temperature is increasing, throwing the world`s climate out of balance and threatening the environment. Every day the amount of warning gases in t5he atmosphere is increasing, which in its turn leads to inevitable consequences. The problems that cause global warming include overpopulation, deforestation, ozone depletion, garbage dumping and many others. Because of global warming Earth is loosing its snow cover, the sea level is rising, summer mean temperatures are rising, so a lot of arctic plant and animal species are on the verge of extinction.

To sum it up air pollution has many disastrous effects that need to be curbed. There are some main methods of curbing air pollution - preventing the problem or fixing it.

Preventative measures are the following : use unleaded petrol, reduce toxic emissions by installing antipollution equipment. People may also try to use less energy, reduce waste and move to non- polluting renewable forms of energy production.

It`s usually easier and more effective to prevent a problem than try to fix it.

Satisfaction job.

Job satisfaction describes how content an individual is with his or her job. The happier people are within their job, the more satisfied they are. Many people say that need for work that gives them quality of life, work-life balance and the avoidance of stress. There are all sorts of aspects of office and factory work that can make it enjoyable. For example, relations with colleagues can be satisfying. People can find great pleasure in working in a team. So bad relations with colleagues can be extremely unpleasant and lead to great dissatisfaction and distress.

Job satisfaction or dissatisfaction are driven by such motivating factors as, for instance, achievement in work, feedback, promotion opportunities, autonomy ,etc.

Job satisfaction is not the same as motivation, although they are clearly linked.

There are certain ways to enhance job satisfaction:

-job rotation (moving an employee from job to job to have more experience with all organizational activities as a training process)

-job enlargement (varied range of tasks that needs to be performed)

-job enrichment (giving the employee additional responsibility)

Job satisfaction is a very important attribute, which is frequently measured by organizations. Employers try to make job more rewarding and motivate. There are some motivation steps :

- recognition/attention. When your employees accomplish smth they have achieved smth. Your recognition is appreciation for that achievement.

- career path. Your employees need to know what is potentially ahead for them, what opportunities there are for growth

- good work environment. A recent industry study shows just how inaccurate your results can be

-team spirit. Most people like to physically see themselves as part of a group or team

- social getherings. Halloween, picnics, Christmas

Any person wants to have a challenging and rewarding job and given the right conditions, he will enjoy it

Water pollution is another environmental problem. For many years, factories and plants have been dumping chemicals into water without concern. Tanker collisions result in oil spills, killing many species and destroying the ecosystem in the area. The main problem caused by water pollution is wildlife destruction. Fish and their food are harmfully affected. Fish become unable to reproduce and die. People can get diseases such as hepatitis by eating seafood that has been poisoned. Polluted water contains dangerous toxic elements, which destroy coastal and productive marine areas. Many laws have been introduced to restrict industries from dumping materials into the water. However, the laws remain weak and many countries do not restrict water pollution. Often, governments either do not care or simply look the other way. The world has spent tremendous sums of money trying to monitor the quality of water and clean it up. The plastics industry, blamed for some of the worst pollution of water, is making its products degradable. However, many environmentalists think this is hardly enough. It`s much more effective to build wastewater treatment facilities, clean up industrial wastes and restrict routes for oil tankers.

The atmosphere and oceans are not the only parts of the environment being damaged. Rain forests are being quickly destroyed as well, and their survival is questionable. The world`s growing population is a primary cause of rain forest destruction. More people need more land to live on, wood for building houses and timber to export. Deforestation has resulted in damage to natural habitats and extinction of some species. Moreover, cutting down forests kills plants beneath the trees, which help people firth diseases, as 40% of drugs are derived from plants. Deforestation leds to soil erosion, climate changes and in some cases natural calamities like land slides and floods. Unprotected fertile soil layer is being washed out. Deforestation is a major contributor to global warming and greenhouse effect, sa trees absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. The fewer trees there are, the more gases remain in the air. Limiting population growth may be the first in a series that would limit the destruction of the rain forests. It`s necessary to encourage sustainable forest management and agriculture, to promote recycling and enhance reclamation.

Many people try to protect the environment by joining environmental groups, such as Greenpeace, that inform people about green issues, and try to persuade governments to take more care of the environments, especially by organizing protests. Whichever way we look at it, it is clear that we cannot sit back and do nothing. Even if the future of our planet is not at risk, it is important that we all play a part. We may not understand all of what is taking place, but we know enough!

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