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There are a lot of kinds of horoscopes which can tell you everything about your character, personal preferences and destiny. As far as I`m concerned about them, they all don`t contain some personal features and even are not plausible.

So, my star sign is aquarius. I was born on the 31th of January. Most of the horoscopes say that aquarius are very practical, level-headed and realistic about what is important in life. They have their feet firmly on the ground and they`re fond of thinking up new ideas but sometimes they can have a memory like a sieve. Once they have made a promise they never go back on it. Also, aquarius are intelligent and they like change. Moreover, they often wear outrageous clothes that make them stand out in a crowd. I`ve read in many horoscopes that people under this star can be artists, painters and can be good at jurisprudence.

On my opinion, something true in this description of this star sign and something is not. I can say about myself that i`m realistic, down-to-earth person, I can see things not only in white and black, but sometimes I have my head in the clouds, for instance, I can sit and just dream about my feature, about fabulous experience which I`ll get and, of course, about prince on a white horse who I meet one day. I like to help people, for example, my friends or relatives, if they have some tough periods in their lives and they need to speak out in that case I`m a shoulder to cry on. I can easily put myself in other people`s shoes and I really love it. However, as I always like saying "every bean has its black", I am totally forgetful and it`s about me when people say that someone has memory like a sieve. But I try to cope with that and I write down a lot of important things in my notebook. Moreover, I absolutely disagree with that aquarius loves outrageous clothes and they fond of being in the public eye. As for me, I like comfortable and nice clothes and I never wear heels if they are not practical.

My mother and my granny always watch TV shows about some different star sign programs and listen radio also , but anyway I don`t believe all of this. How could I? As so many people were born under this star and everyone has the same prediction, destiny and personal features, I don`t think so.

To sum up, I`d like to say that so many minds so many people and some predictions can be true and some not. People are not cardboard characters and even superb horoscope can not tell everything about them.

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