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My grandmother.

"A Grandmother is a special person who causes a joyful happening in the heart of a child". One person told this and I totally agree with this quote. My grandma is very important person in my life and i`ve never imagined life without her support, love and care. She totally grew me up, as my mom was always at work, and helped me to see the world not only in black and white.

So, my granny is in her middle 70-s but she looks much younger. She has a plump figure and small height, she`s only 150 cm and it`s really funny when, for example, I wear my heels and come up to kiss her and hug I have to bent over to do it. Grandma has got olive complexion, oval face , wonderful almond-shaped hazel eyes, small straight nose and big smile, especially, this feature makes her more attractive and kinder. Also, she has fine wrinkles around her eyes which appear when she smiles. She`s always worn her red dyed hear neat and in a bun and now she wants me to have the same haircut as she, however, when she was young she wore her long, black hair loose and it was pretty beautiful.

As for her character, she`s very lively personality with strong sense of humour and she`s been so sensitive lately so she`s got hurt very easily and I think it`s all happening because of her age. My granny is down-to-earth, dependable and so caring person that she`s always ready to stand up for people even if she doesn`t know them. What`s more, she always teach that I shouldn`t judge someone by their appearance and that appearances are deceptive and it`s really important things I can tell you. Moreover, sometimes I`m really wonder what makes person attractive? What features of character? My answer is that all a person needs has my granny. She is also loyal friend and she takes everything to heart, she has a shoulder to cry on and every single day when I have some problems with my study, private life or something else, I can come to her and she always helps me, listened to me and gives me a useful peace of advice. Moreover, my grandma is really good at putting herself in other people`s shoes and she never makes snap decisions about people as she says almost everyone can make a mistake.

By the way, she`s fond of reading some interesting books such as "Gone with the wind", "Angelica" and so on. Almost forgot, she cooks like king of cooking and always tries something new, and especially, because of her I love cooking too. Also, in our countryside granny likes to plant flowers, trees and different species of gather.

To sum up, I`d like to say that my granny is fabulous and kindest person I`ve ever met. She has a heart of gold and makes my live happier and sunny even if my period of life is not so good.

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