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First of all, you should read through the case / problem carefully, if necessary - more than once. Make sure you understand the identity of the plaintiff(s) and the progression of events that lead to the lawsuit. Once you understand the facts given in the case / problem you can begin to analyze the case. Applying this method to the sample case will involve the following steps:

1. First you need to decide what legal issue is involved in the case.

2. Once you have identified the issue, the next step is to determine what rule of law applies to the issue.

3. The next - and usually the most difficult - step is the application of the rule of law to the

specific facts of the case you are studying.

ZOE 7".+Z? 4. Once you have completed step 3 you should be ready to draw your conclusions.

Some useful legal terms and phrases:

The case relates to...

The issue in this case is...

The case involves the following circumstances:

The facts ofthe case are as follows:

The question before the court is...

The legal issue in question is dgingfrom the facts of the case, the court came to the conclusion that ...

We can ass e that...

The question ra sed by this case is whether...

Useful personal comments:

To begin with\, to start with

furt ermore\ moreover\ in other words

from my point ofview\ in my opinion\personally I think\ to my mind, \I believe\ I suppose

6 I would like to draw your attention to the act that\ I'd like to point out that...

infact\ actually first ofall\finally obviously\ apparently\ it seems that\ although\ though\ even though\ whereas, despi e\ on the contrary\ however\ ZnZefefthdfeess OVRCC-

the thing is (that)\the question is relation to\ as regards ovingo to to sum up\ in summary\ to finish off

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