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1. The dualistic nature of language levels. The notion of syntagmatic and paradigmatic relations. Language levels and their basic units. The theory of oppositions. The reduction of oppositions.

2. The problem of classifying words into parts of speech. Notional and functional parts of speech. The field structure of parts of speech.

3. The adjective. The degrees of comparison. Substantivization of adjectives. The "stone wall" problem.

4. The article in English. The basic meanings and functions of the English article. The indefinite article. The definite article. The zero article or the meaningful absence of the article.

5. The notion of the sentence. The elementary sentence. The complex sentence. The classification of sentences.

6. The traditional theory of the morpheme. The traditional classification of morphemes. The notion of the zero morpheme.

7. The word as the basic unit of morphology. The category of gender. The category of number. The category of case.

8. The morphological field of the English verb. The category of tense. The category of aspect.

9. The morphological field of the English Verb. The category of mood. The category of voice.

10. The sentence. The classification of sentences. The actual division of the sentence. Text formation based on the actual division of the sentence.

11. Lexicology as a branch of linguistics. English vocabulary as a system. Different types of non-semantic and semantic groupings. The theoretical and practical value of Lexicology.

12.Semasiology. Concept of "meaning of a word". ,,Basic triangle". Referentional - functional approaches to the problem. The lexical meaning of the word and its semantic structure. Types of meaning: grammatical, lexical - denotational, connotational components; emotive charge and stylistic reference.

13.The English word as a structure; its morphological structure. Morpheme and its types. Morphemic and word-formation analysis.

14.Synonyms in English. Criteria of Synonymy. Classification, sources and main patterns of synonymic sets in Modern English.

15.Neologisms in the English language. Semantic group of neologisms. Ways of forming neologisms in contemporary English.

16. Homonymy in English. Classification, sources of homonymy. Relationship among polysemy, homonymy and synonymy.

17. Phraseology in English. Free word groups and phraseological units. Criteria of stability and lack of motivation (idiomaticity). Classification of phraseological units. Phraseological units and idioms proper.

18. Word-formation in English. Principal ways of word-formation: affixation, composition, conversion, word-composition. Minor ways of word-formation: shortening, blending, back-formation. Sound and stress-interchange.

19. Standard English, variants, dialects. American English, its lexical, grammatical and some other peculiarities. Interdependence of the British and American variants.

20. Stylistics as a branch of applied linguistics. The notions of the language norms and stylistic norms. Individual style. Levels and aims of linguo-stylistic analysis. Expressive means and stylistic devices.

21. Lexicography as theory and practice of compiling dictionaries. Its subject, aim and methods of investigation of lexical units. Main problems of lexicography.

22. Pedagogical lexicography as a branch of general lexicography. Its relationship with grammar, lexicology, pragmatics and other disciplines. Principles of compiling the learner's dictionaries. Their role in language teaching and learning.

23. The world of the English language. The definitions of the notion "language" and its main functions. Language and Linguistic Representation of the world we live in.

24. Language. Culture and Communication. Sociocultural aspects of Foreign language teaching and learning. Role of teachers of English in cross-cultural communication.

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