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My future profession - engineer.

Profession engineer. What is a civil engineer?

• Civil engineer - an expert who is coordinating the construction work, budget planning, the selection of the workers, etc. He is directly involved in the organization of work on the finished project. Occupation engineer assumes control of the process in accordance with the scheduling, verification of material consumption, tracking the quality and compliance with building codes.

* Construction or repair of various structures subject: bridges, buildings and roads. The duties of a specialist includes communication with customers, architects, coordination of the plan with other engineers, employees of state institutions, which issue the necessary licenses and permits.

What does a civil engineer.

• What to do and what the engineer? Job requires excellent knowledge in the field of construction, geology and drafting (technical regulations, standards, safety rules). Most of the time experts spend on the construction site, to reconcile all things can work in the office.

Pros and cons of the profession engineer.

* Advantages: - Competitive salary;

- Good prospects of the profession. Competent professionals are always in demand in large cities, where continuous construction;

* Disadvantages: - The engineer sometimes we have to work with irresponsible builders;

- Not the most exciting job.

The salary of an engineer.

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