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1. It's a bad luck for an actor to be given flowers before the plays begins.

2. There are two musical styles wich i like jazz and rock.

3. My brother is a violinist .He plays in orchestra of the Bolshoy Theatre.

4. You shouldn't whistle while you're in dressing rooms,it's a bad luck.

5. There are 15 rows in the stalls of the Studio Theatre.

6. A bad rehersal means the performance will be great.

7. Before the performance an usher invites the spektator to the auditorium.

8. I'm interested in ballet and go to performances every month.

9. There are 5 acts and 10 scence in the new play of british playright.

10. Each year the Queen of Great Britan visits new countrys of the World.

11. What an interesting film! I want to watch it with my friends tomorrow.

12. The National Gallery and Contemporary Art Museum are in the Centre of London.

13. There are lots of interesting facts about the life of the greatest actors of the Maly Theatre in his article.

14. Are the any books about theatrical directing in youre library?

15. Neighbors don't like my loud play on the drums.

16. There are some classical operas in the repertoire of the Bolshoy Theatre.

17. Max Belov plays piano and quitar.

18. Theater director is a hard and very interesting profession.

19. Exuse me,what time is it?

20. Sorry for being late for the rehersal yesterday.

1. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko were famous russian theatrical directors.

2. Stanislavsky tought young actors to be natural on stage.

3. Michael Chekhov was born in 1891 in Moscow and died in USA in 1955.

4. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko co-founded M.A.T .

5. Yesterday i went to the Bolshoy Theatre to watch Chaykovsky's ballet "Swan Lake".

6. The actors of Ancient Greece played in Amphitheatres.

7. Which role did you play in thise performance?

8. The rehersal of the first act of the performance started at 10 a.m.

9. I wanted so much to watch the new film where the young talanted actor played.

10. Shakespeare wrote 37 plays and 154 sonets.

11. Stanislavsky told actors -"Love the Art in itself,not youself in the Art!".

12. We bouth the tickets for the best drama play in this season.

13. I played flute in the orchestra when i studied at scool.

14. Last year our play was seen by meny students of GITIS in Students Theatre.

15. 50 years ago there were brilliant actors who played in M.A.T.

16. Last week the famous american rock-musician arrived in Moscow.

17. The Tairov's Chamber Theatre was very popular in Soviet Union.

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