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1. Tell about making friends and starting a relationship. Is it difficult or easy to you. Do you keep a relationship if you have falling out with your ex. (ex. 2,3,4 p. 5, ex. 1,2,3,4,5 p. 9)

2. Tell about your close friend. Tell how you made friends. How well you know this person. Tell about his way and habits, styles, occupation. Tell why this person is dear to you. Tell about any experience together.

3. Computers let us make friends world wide. What do you know about the theory about 6 degrees. What can you tell about friendsters.com and its effects. Can you tell about your own experience on social web-sites.

4. Tell about your personality. Your best and worth features. How does your character affect your life situations. Are you tended to get read of your negative trades or are you trying to hide your personal trades. What may help to learn a personality.


1. Tell about media in the UK. (ex. 1,3, p. 19)

2. Tell about the media tops of the world. (ex. 1,2, p. 20). Compare with our country media tops.

3. Media stories (tapescripts 2.3, 2.4). Is it good or evil.

Life styles.

1. Tell about types of living conditions people may have. What makes a person feel like home. (ex. 1,2,3 p.33)

2. Tell about one of the world's top cities (ex. 5, p. 38) + вопрос по твоему району

3. An ideal home. What is your idea of an ideal home. Tell about the house of your dream. (pp. 40, 44)


1. Do you agree with - Time is money, Money makes the world go round, Money is the root of evil. What do you know about the money, How do we use the money.

2. Finance and banking. Tell how the money work in the banks, how we can do banking.

3. Can you tell the story of Frank Abagnale or any other famous ???. Can you explain why he was so successful. Do you know the ways to become successful. What qualities do you need. Can you give examples of famous tycoons. (p.51, tapescripts 4.3, 4.4)

4. Advertising. Why is ad necessary in the modern world. Tell how ad affects lives of people and your own decisions.

Spare time.

1. What activities do you do in your spare time. Is it difficult for you to find spare time. Are you an organized person. How do you manage your time. What activities do you like most. (p. 61, ex. 1-4).

2. How creative are you. Can you give examples of creative people. How would you develop creativity in yourself. (p. 62, tapescript 5.2, p. 64 text)

3. Tell about your favorite book.

4. Tell about your favorite film.

5. Memorable meals. How often do you go out. Do you think that going out is important for socializing. Do you remember any interesting meals. What makes a meal memorable. What is your favorite restaurant. (p. 68)

6. What are you good at. Tell about activities or thing you are good at. Describe one in detail.

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