Реферат «Generation gap» по Английскому языку (Колесник Е. О.)

Кирилл Николоев чт, 21.04.2016 22:06

Some specialists explain that changes of our society, the system of our life force young people to choose their own lifestyle. Blah-blah-blah… I prefer to ignore this “special” stuff and get back to the root of the problem. The problem of fathers and sons, so called “Generation gap”.

As for me, the point is that adults forget they were children once. They all made mistakes, were rebellious and did everything as they wanted. There are a lot of examples in front of me. Some parents are too caring and gardening their child as a little flower, some are, on contrary, too rude and don’t want to explain any of their actions to their children, so little ones grown up and become angry with a whole world. But the thing is nor a little flower, nor an angry fury could normally act in the modern society.

But the difficulty is that nobody actually knows how to raise children correctly. There are a lot of stupid psychological books about this problem, but all of them are too objective. I’m not sure it’ll work for our country, but in the end what the difference? In our country we have as much spoiled, funny, disappointed or purposeful teenagers as other countries do. So in spite of Russian traditions I think we should act like Americans in this case. Yeah, ok, all right! I know we’ve already taken a lot of awful things from America, but this one is very useful.

So our country should practice this: when the child comes of age, he or she should leave the house and try to live as an adult one. Moreover the child should find a job and a place to live. Maybe it’s too radical, but this will solve more problems that it’ll create.

Consequently children will become more responsible and adults will see their young ones can act mature. Furthermore parents must let their scions make their own mistakes. As a result, children will get their own experience, which is brilliant, cause they will learn a lesson. And it’s a well-known fact, that everyone learns a lesson only if they make a mistake by themselves. (This fact is really funny, cause most adults can’t get it ever living a couple of decades on this planet).

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