Реферат «The Ideal House For An Ideal Life» по Английскому языку (Солодкина Е. В.)

Кирилл Николоев сб, 25.03.2017 22:15

The Ideal House For An Ideal Life Everyone has a dream, and all subjects are ideal in this dream. I will tell about the ideal house for an ideal life! To have the private house means, that it is situated in the suburbs. And it should be very comfortable; it should have all things that can be necessary in a country life.

This house is situated on breakage by ocean. This place is in Ireland near Clonakilty. (1)There is a small garden and a pool with warmed up water in the house backyard.(2)There is a convenient descent to the sea on a wild beach and the forest behind the house. (3)

Also there is a big garage for two cars. There is no problem with parking of cars because there is no fence and there is a lot of place. (4) The house is two-storeyed. The kitchen is on the ground floor. There is an exit in the backyard. It is red-coloured, very spacious big and with a bar rack. There is a large quantity of necessary technics. There are no curtains. Walls, the ceiling and the floor are white, as it all makes the light room even more light. (5)

Also the drawing room is on the ground floor. Its furniture is enough classical. There is a big wall unit with acoustic system and TV-set, opposite which the sofa is. There is a fireplace in the opposite wall and by it there are two armchairs between which there is a little coffee-table. Wall-paper will be beige, and curtains are brown that will gives to this room warmness and cosiness.(6)

There is a dining room near the kitchen. In the middle of it is an oak dining-room table for six persons, also there is a sideboard for ware and in the wall is a window on the kitchen for convenience. The ceiling is mirror with a beautiful pattern, curtains are dark and dense, there is a carpet on the floor in the middle of the room.(7)

Also there is a bathroom on the ground floor. There is a bowl, a toilet.(8) It is near exercise room where various trainers are located. Walls in this room are mirror.(9) There is also a small room equipped under a house cinema where seven armchairs and little coffee-tables are located on the ground floor. Portraits of the greatest actors hang on walls. (10)

There is a big wooden ladder with a handwork handrail in the house.(11) There is a bedroom with a separate spacious bathroom where is a big panoramic window near the jacuzzi on the first floor.(12) In a bedroom there is a big round bed a locker with a mirror and two dressing-tables. The Roman curtain is at the window. If it to closed in the afternoon there is also dark as well as at night. (13)There is a balcony at the backyard.(14)

On the first floor is two secluded offices for owners with view to the ocean. There are tables, leather armchairs, a sofa, a carpet, huge book shelves and the computer. (15) There is huge wardrobe near the bedroom with all possible regiments and ironing (washing machines and the similar technics is in a cellar).(16)

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