Реферат «Moscow State University» по Английскому языку (Шевелева И. А.)

Кирилл Николоев сб, 23.04.2016 17:59

Moscow State University is the largest university of Russia previously known as Lomonosov University is the oldest and largest university in Russia. When it was founded in 1755 it was the University of Moscow with three faculties. The university was renamed in honor of its founder, Mikhail Lomonosov, in 1940. Today it ranks among the top universities of the world.

Since 1953, most of the university's departments have been situated on Sparrow Hills, in the southwest of Moscow, five miles from the city center. The university includes a number of faculty buildings located near Manege Square in the center of Moscow. The historical building on Mokhovaya Street now mainly houses the Faculty of Journalism, the Faculty of Psychology, and The Institute of Asian and African Studies. It also claims to have the tallest educational building in the world.

Moscow State University is known world-wide for its academic excellence. Moscow State University, the largest educational institution in Russia teaches almost in all subject areas: Arts, Sciences, Law, Engineering, etc. Nowadays, the university has 39 faculties and 15 research centers. Here students can learn skills which fit them for a better career. A number of small faculties have been opened recently, such as Faculty of Physics and Chemistry and Higher School of Television. The staff are knowledgeable in their subjects.

Moscow State University is one of Russia's most prestigious institutions of higher learning. Its current rector is Viktor Sadovnichiy. Computer Computers have drastically changed everyone’s lives. Several decades ago people haven’t even known anything about these electronic devices, whereas nowadays even a small child can operate this machine. Almost all modern technology depends on computers, which are used for data storage: files, secret information, bank transactions and else. Computer technology belongs to the fastest-growing industry. Computers of different types and sizes are used by modern society. It is interesting that the first computer was the size of a minibus and weighed almost a ton. Whereas now it can be a small chip the size of a pin. And computer technology is not standing still, it’s rapidly progressing. Soon we might have the computers which will be built-in our glasses, earrings, and other objects. Perhaps, the next generation of computers will have the ability to talk and think just as people do. Many people find computers dangerous and time-consuming. On the other hand, computers are very fast and they seldom make mistakes. They save lots of time, and besides all the necessary information can be found on Internet. So, instead of going to the libraries or other institutions, we can simply surf the worldwide web. Another advantage is the instant possibility to send letters, whereas some time ago we had to wait for weeks and months to have them delivered. Moreover, with the help of computers and Internet, shopping has become much easier. Firstly, we can find what we exactly want, secondly we can choose the affordable price, and thirdly, we can have the chose items delivered. After all, computers have become the most useful tool in everyone’s homes nowadays and they have certainly changed our lives for the better.

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