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1. Complete the text with these words. Each word can only be used once. There are three extra words. allowed can could had have supposed used will When I got my first mobile, my parents told me that I (1) to carry it with me at all times for emergencies. But at school my teacher said I was not (2) to have it in class. It was not permitted. What was I (3) to do? At least I didn't (4) to leave it at home as my teacher said I (5) keep it in my backpack and use it at break.

2 Choose the correct alternatives to complete the text. Last weekend my brother and I went on a bike trip to the mountains. Before we started we (1) had to/should/needed check the bikes carefully and we decided that we (2) would/should/had better leave early in the morning to avoid the traffic. I made sandwiches for the trip and took my camera. Unfortunately, half-way there it started raining heavily and we (3) must/needed/would to stop. My brother said I (4) should/must/would have checked the weather before we set off. We took shelter in a nice restaurant and he treated me to lunch, so I (5) didn't need to make/ wouldn't have made/needn't have made any sandwiches. After lunch we cycled home in the rain. It was fun but very wet!

3 Choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) to complete the article. You may have received a toy drone or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) as a present but are you clear of the rules guiding their use? At the moment, if a drone weighs less than 20 kg, you (1) to take it outside and fly it, However, you (2) avoid flying it within 50 metres of built-up areas and you (3) fly a drone within 50 metres of a person who is not the pilot. 'This means you (4) worry if you are flying it in your back garden, that's fine,' drone expert Alex Ridgeon explained. 'You (5) be careful if you are in a public place such as a park.' Another rule is that you (6) fly your drone within sight. Last week a teenager (7) his drone over a wall into a neighbour's garden, hitting and injuring the neighbour who (8) innocently reading the newspaper. The neighbour is taking legal action. 'This (9) a quiet neighbourhood but ever since the drone craze started we (10) suffer incidents like this,' the neighbour complained.

1 A mustn't B can't C are allowed D should 2 A must B might C can't D are allowed to 3 A needn't B can't have C mustn't D must 4 A ought B don't need to C needn't have D should 5 A mustn't B ought C have to D must

6 A must B might C can't D are allowed to 7 A has flown B has been flying C flew D used to fly 8 A must have been B has been C should have been D had been 9 A was going to be B was about to be C use to be D used to be

10 A had to B can have to C have been D have had to Vocabulary 4 Complete the text with five compound nouns made with these words. There are four extra words. about belt block driving jam motor road round seat signs steering traffic way wheel

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